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Mulberry silk output seen down 20 pc

CONTINUED dumping of raw silk by Chinese companies at abysmally low prices coupled with the prevailing drought has impacted the country’s silk production this year. The Central Silk Board estimates mulberry silk output to be lower by 20 per cent this year.

Speaking on the sidelines of a press conference, Mr P. Joy Oommen, Member Secretary, CSB, mulberry outlet online said this year’s mulberry silk output is likely to be around 12,000 tonnes as against 15,400 tonnes produced last year. Several instances of farmers switching over to other cash crops have been reported in the main silk growing states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, he said adding that overall crop size has shrunk due to the prevailing drought conditions.

The dumping of low quality silk continues unabatedly, Mr Oommen said indicating that the imports could touch an all time high of 10,000 this year. Last year, an estimated 7,000 tonnes of Chinese silk was imported into the country. According to the available trends, imports have shot up by 25 per cent in the first silk months and could rise further as the traders have started stocking Chinese silk in anticipation of certain curbs against imports, he said.

CSB has petitioned the Director General of Anti Dumping against some 16 Chinese companies for dumping silk and is hoping for some action soon. “We have already proved that the Chinese companies are dumping silk into India at abysmally low prices of $13 a kg as against the average global price of $16 17 a kg, while the cost of production in India exceeds Rs 1,000 a kg” he said. The hearing is set for December 13, he said.

However, the exports of silk products and the production of non mulberry silk are looking up this year, he said.

Exports are likely to register a growth of nearly 10 per cent this year, over previous year’s Rs 2,200 crore, Mr Oommen said. “We also expect a near 10 per cent rise in production of non mulberry silks as Eri, Muga and Tasar this year,” he added.